How To Announce Your Marriage

The man has popped up the big question and the lady has accepted or vise versa and now excitement is killing you and you feel like shouting it all from the rooftop to let everyone know. But as with most things pertaining to marriage and engagements there is a proper way to doing making public of your intentions.

If they are not already informed and because a person maybe too anxious to tell, this is the right time to share the good news with your families, my suggestion to you as a couple is that you share the good news individually, in order to please everyone then do the telling in a sequence. If it’s convenient for you then inform the families when they’re together. The individual method works best if you’re unsure of the reaction of the parents and the latter is advisable and suitable if the parents already know each other.

Your wedding announcement is your first official act, and also provides a conducive environment to establish a cordial, working relationship with your to be parent in-laws. After announcing your intentions, inform them about your preference and ask for their input. Once you’ve informed your families its standard practice that the parents meet. According to tradition, the bride parents invite the prospective groom’s parents or take them out for a meal.

Good Short Best Man Messages

Hi, here again with more top pointers on how you can get through the discomfort of giving the Best Man Speech at a wedding! I have done it three times, and everytime it became less complicated because I simply applied some basic ground rules. One of the key ones are, if you are undecided what to talk about, doesn’t whatever you do try to pad it out. Nobody wants to sit though 15 minutes of waffle. Particularly when all they want to do is get to the bar! Also, if you are really not confident about public speaking, why would you need to subject yourself to standing there for that length of time?

In brief, keep it short, make it simple, and keep it to the point. So what are the bare necessities that you have to include in a good and short, Best Man Speech? You want to compliment the bride. Hopefully you like her, though not that much.

Hopefully she looks gorgeous. That makes it much easier, but recalls it must be a sincere compliment, and a safe, family-friendly one. Don’t go mad; otherwise it will sound like you’re jealous of the groom.

Samsung M120 Chrome Finish Entertainment Mobile Phone

With CSTN display, 64 k colors it is a fabulous mobile phone to own. The display screen is of 1.77 QQVGA CSTN 65K which altogether gives a good view. In fact one can enjoy the screen as well as the things flashing on it in a dynamic phone. As this phone comes in the range of simple phones, there is hi – fi which you will get out of it.

Samsung M120 Chrome Finish Mobile phone is basically a entertainment phone with features filled to enhance the capacity to view and revolve in a age which is filled with music, communication and fun. With CSTN display, 64 k colors it is a fabulous mobile phone to own. The display screen is of 1.77 QQVGA CSTN 65K which altogether gives a good view. In fact one can enjoy the screen as well as the things flashing on it in a dynamic phone. As this phone comes in the range of simple phones, there is hi – fi which you will get out of it.

Messaging can be done through SMS and MMS. It supports English messaging with its 10 MB of internal memory. There is also a video camera which gives pretty good quality photos and good small time video recording too.

Use Of Wedding Rings And Its Importance In A Persons Life

A wedding ring is the symbol of love and commitment of the wedding couples towards each other; it represents an endless bonding which can never be broken. The wedding ring forms a deep bonding between the heart of the husband and the wife. The use of rings in wedding started thousands of years ago, but at that time, the man used to gift his woman with a ring; the acceptance of which made the woman a property of the man. The use of wedding rings was noticed in the Egyptian civilization for the first time; after which it was seen to be prevalent all over the world. Previously, wedding rings were mainly made of leaves or hay; the use of metal for making rings came hundreds of years later. During that time, wedding rings were used only by the women; men did not use any such rings. The use of mens rings started during the Second World War and it is prevalent till now all over the world. Nowadays, wedding rings are used extensively all over the world by every marrying couple. Choosing the right wedding ring is the most important part of marriage and people always want to give their best while buying one.

Wedding rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand; as it was believed previously that this finger contains the vein of love, which runs directly to the heart. Wearing a ring, gifted by the loved one on this finger linked the lover directly with the heart. People do not believe in this nowadays, but the tradition still prevails. The couples still wear the matrimonial rings on this finger. These rings create a deep bonding between the husband and the wife; and they can never ignore it as long as they wear this ring. It forms a lifelong bonding between them for the rest of their life. The wedding ring keeps the couples together for the rest of their marital life.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is the most important part of marriage. People spend a lot of money to buy the best wedding ring available in the market for their partners. And why should they not spend this money? The ring which bonds them so deeply is worth such money. Nowadays, wedding rings are mainly made of platinum or gold; as these are the two most beautiful and costly metals, people choose them for making the rings. Various types of rings of different metals, different stones are available in the market. Among them, the diamond studded platinum rings are the most beautiful and the costliest. These rings are largely used by people in their wedding. People seldom keep in mind the matter of money in such cases; they spend large amount of money for getting the best ring. The jewelry stores that have grown up provide facilities of payment in installments, which have made buying expensive rings much easier for the people. People should never ignore the importance of wedding rings, when they have got such opportunity of buying expensive rings in installments.

FILSCAP Meets with Top Concert Producers

The Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Inc. (FILSCAP) met with the country’s top concert producers for a consultation meeting with the aim of gathering valuable insights into ways to better FILSCAP’s services. The meeting, which was held at Conti’s Greenbelt 2, Makati City last July 29, 2013, is part of series of meetings organized by FILSCAP to increase awareness about the Society and to forge stronger relationships with current and future partner licensees. Part of the discussion centered on FILSCAP’s proposition to concert producers to form a unified body or association to represent all concert producers in negotiations concerning music copyright and securing necessary licenses.

Attendees of the event were Mr. Danee Samonte of Steve O’Neal Productions, Ms. Celine de Guia of Ovation Productions, Ms. Lori Ann Sta. Cruz of Music Management International, Ms. Alma Pancho of Wilbros Entertainment, Ms. Sandra Viray of Philippine Jazz and Arts Festival, Ms. Doris Campana of Philippine Opera Company, Ms. Pamela Ovejas and Ms. Queng Reyles of Philippine Educational Theater Association(PETA) and many more.

Also in attendance were FILSCAP President and composer/singer Noel Cabangon, FILSCAP General Manager Atty. Mark Thursday Alciso, newly-appointed FILSCAP Licensing Manager and industry veteran Ceasar -Peewee- Apostol, FILSCAP Membership and Communications Manager Camile Miserale, FILSCAP Licensing Supervisor Reina Rose Perez and FILSCAP Licensing Assistant for Concerts /Events/Cinema/Venues, Norman Garcia.

Rajasthan Wedding- So Special Now Easy To Organize

Every human being who has existed in the world like to marry with some, and they got married to someone in their future. A Wedding is about the most happing moment in the life of people. So everyone likes to make his/her wedding unforgettable and make something special in their weddings. Lots of people are searching for the best location for their marriage. They dont have any issue how long the distance of the marriage location from his/her native place.
Rajasthan is one of the best locations for wedding in the world. Rajasthan is the place of forts, palaces, lakes, sand dunes along with the vibrant market due to all these reasons, it becomes one of the best wedding locations in the world. A lot of people away from India like to get married in Rajasthan. Most of the people have a dream that their wedding should be done in a royal way as well as the grooms and brides family members want to give the royal welcoming to their guests and for that they adopt the different-different customs and traditions. So, if anyone wants to make his or her wedding special, then for them the Rajasthan would be the best place because it has several reasons. Go and hire- Wedding Planner In Udaipur and make your wedding royal.
Due to the large number of forts, palaces and heritage hotels, anyone can celebrate their wedding like a royal prince or princess, the area near the thar desert add the extra excitement in wedding due to sun- kissed view. Due to the wonder venue, royal accommodations and the delicious Rajasthani cuisine, the traditional Rajasthani dance as well as the music add the special charm in the wedding event. Rajasthan is also known as the land of romance, its tradition, practices, exotic wildlife and the social customs give the royal charm to any event. Wedding Planner In Rajasthan will make your wedding a royal wedding with proper care and budget.
Wedding ceremony in the Rajasthan is also known for their colorful atmosphere and the decoration of the venue with the royal touch in it. The dressing is also one of the part of wedding in Rajasthan, they have their special dress for the marriage, the groom has his traditional dress up of Sherwani along with the colorful turban and the sword in the right hand. Whereas the bride dressed the Lahanga, Jewellery and the well decorated palm.
If the people are living in another city or country and wants to organize a wedding in Rajasthan, so for them the wedding planner offers their services, the people can contact the wedding planner. The wedding planner are the professionals who arrange all the events and things related to the wedding. They will arrange all the things, like cuisine, venue, music, decoration, etc. as well as organize all the events that are important in marriage. They take the special care of their clients and their requirements as well as they follow the proper custom and tradition of a client for the wedding, any tradition people can contact the planners for making Rajasthan wedding- so special. They have lots of plans within all budgets, so the people can feel like a royal within their budget. For hiring Best Wedding Planner In Udaipur just visit to the best source-

The Alt Vault The Alternative To Coffee!

A new CD collection is causing quite a stir in the music industry. The Alt Vault music collection is a 3-CD set which contains 50 different tracks mostly across the alternative rock genre. It’s a nice blend of grunge and happy motivational music.

Music as seen on TV has been a huge success largely because it has proven to be the most efficient at identifying and putting together the best collections of music available. “I saw the Alt Vault on TV and was blown away. I was just like…wow. These are all my favorite songs.” – Chris (early purchaser).

The Alt Vault CD set has even proven to be popular among the employees of As Seen On TV Official Site, who have recently begun to listen solely to the new music collection to keep themselves motivated at work. Some say their job has become significantly easier since its release. “It’s a good product that we enjoy selling because it’s good music and a solid deal!” Jostin (sales associate).

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